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The Mongolian Great Loop Tour Монголын Их тойрон аялал

This 3-week tour will make you cross the country from one end to the other : from the Northern woody lakes to the sand dunes of Gobi, including the central grea...

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Discovery & Pony trekking Адал явдалт илжгэн аялал

This tour perfectly combines the different ways of transport, which allow you to discover all the beauties of Mongolia without losing too much time with the jee...

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Gurvan saikhan national park Гурван сайхан

Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park extends on one hundred kilometres (62,14 miles) in the province of Ömnögovi and houses a part of the Gobi-Altai range. It was ...

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Turgen mount Түргэн уул

Located in Bayan-Ulgii province, 40 km away south from Ulaangom city, Turgen Uul mountain range belongs to the National Park of Uvs. Also called Tsaagan Deli by...

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Otgontenger national park

Mount Otgontenger is the highest peak of the Khangai Range. It’s located in the province of Zavkhan, East Uliastai. In 1992, the Mongolian government delimited ...

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Tsambagarav national park Цамбагарав

Tsambagarav National Park is located in the province of Bayan Olgii, in the extreme West of Mongolia. It was created in 2000 and covers an area of 1110 square k...

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Naiman nuur national park Найман нуур

Naiman Nuur National Park is located in the province of Ovorkhangai, in the Khangai range, and it has the typical landscapes of the Mongolian high mountains wit...

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Khogno khan national park

Khögno Tarna National Park (better known as Khögno Khan) is located at 250 kilometres (155 miles) from Ulan Bator, on the road to Kharkhorin. Covering an area o...

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Altai-Tavan- Bogd national park Алтай Таван Богд

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, “the five sacred mounts of Altai”, extends on 662 square kilometres at the extreme southwest of Mongolia, and has borders with C...

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Khovsgol lake Хөвсгөл нуур

At 1645 metres (1,02 mile) above the sea level, Lake Khövsgöl is a real small sea that extends on 136 kilometres (85 miles) long, 36 kilometres (22 miles) wide,...

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